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Bad breath and halitosis articles and information TheraBreath products - Curing Bad breath, dry mouth, halitosis and more! California Breath Clinics Bad Breath Products TheraBreath LLC Information and the Approach to Curing Bad Breath Contact TheraBreath LLC Homepage to bad breath treatment  and halitosis treatments
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- New Article -
By Dr. Harold Katz
Founder, California Breath Clinics

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  • Do You Know The Major Differences Between Dental Office and At-Home Teeth Whitening
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  1. Dental (In-office) Whitening and
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Follow this procedure 5 days in a row, doing the top and bottom arch separately for comfort (you can try to do both at once if you prefer - I actually do it this way, but everyone is different), and you will have a noticeably whiter smile - GUARANTEED!

Warmest Regards,

-Harold Katz, DDS

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